Production Security Testing With Cenzic

Continuous Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Cenzic is the only application security solution that provides the ability to test all deployed Cloud, Mobile and Web applications throughout the application lifecycle.

Does your organization focus on security throughout the application lifecycle? Many organizations mistakenly allocate their entire security testing budget toward application development.  Testing early in the development cycle has great merit, but it leaves production exposures unaddressed. Only a small percentage of applications are in the development or quality assurance (QA) stage at any point of time. The vast majority of the applications, are your exposure, is in the production stage. Without production security testing, these applications are exposed and vulnerable for the bulk of their lifecycle. Remarkably, some organizations never test production application security.

With Cenzic, developers are able to continuously and safely test production applications in a live or virtual environment. This not only helps organizations test all their applications, but also allows them to continuously test applications for new vulnerabilities. On average, Cenzic's SmartAttack research team discovers more than 400 new vulnerabilities each month.

There are two common practices for remediating production security vulnerabilities. First, organizations can decide to fix the vulnerability, release a new version of the application and push the revised version into production. Alternatively, the organization can configure a web application firewalls security policy to block the specific vulnerability without revising the application. Remediation of production application vulnerabilities is only possible when vulnerabilities are detected. This requires a sophisticated continuous application security testing platform like Cenzic.

Continuous Dynamic Application Security Testing

production security testing with Cenzic

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