Cenzic Hailstorm Technology

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Since 2000

Cenzic takes a unique approach to solving dynamic application security testing (DAST) challenges. Its Hailstorm technology was built from the ground up, internally, with the support of a top-notch, internal research team. At the core of Cenzic's Hailstorm technology is its Stateful Assessment®, which goes beyond signature-based security techniques by assessing application risk while the application is in production.

Application risk assessments are highly-efficient, because Hailstorm's Stateful Assessment capability provides the highest accuracy rate with the lowest false positives. Using its comprehensive attack library, Cenzic Hailstorm assess risks in Cloud, Mobile and Web applications and summarizes the results in its HARM® score. Additionally, Cenzic makes it feasible to continuously test all applications by providing testing at the level that appropriate for the potential risk.


Just as users get anti-virus updates for their desktop, Cenzic provides weekly updates for applications security – SmartAttacks. Cenzic SmartAttacks are automated attacks that simulate a hacker trying to compromise or cripple an application. These attacks are termed "smart" because their objective is to find vulnerabilities rather than to compromise the application. Cenzic Hailstorm's vulnerability discovery is driven by the SmartAttack library, which encapsulates best practices to test application attack resistance and validate conformance to regulatory and internal security compliance.

Unified architecture

Cenzic Hailstorm's architecture allows users to seamless migrate between deployment models. Because all Cenzic products are built on the same Hailstorm technology platform, users can effortlessly transfer data between software deployments (Cenzic Enterprise and Cenzic Desktop) and cloud deployments (Cenzic Managed Cloud, Cenzic Cloud and Cenzic Mobile).

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