Cenzic Solutions for Government

Application Security to Protect Data and Meet Regulatory Requirements

Governments rely on Cloud, Mobile and Web applications to run their organizations as well as to interact with citizens, staff, partners and vendors. But, these applications are at constant risk of exploitation by hackers, because of security vulnerabilities. Cenzic application security enables government agencies to minimize security risk, attain compliance and better protect sensitive data.

Cenzic Solutions for Cloud, Mobile and Web Application Security

Cenzic application security solutions help agencies comply with various government regulations, by allowing them to use automated processes to test for vulnerabilities in Cloud, Mobile and Web applications. Cenzic assesses risk, checks for vulnerabilities as well as tests code and controls during software development for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of personal information.

Adhere to Compliance Requirements

Government agencies must comply with a long list of regulations for managing security and IT risk. Cenzic has created categories of attacks addressing NIST, FISMA and other regulations. It checks for vulnerabilities associated with unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive data, such as personal information and thousands of other vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to compromise government systems. By simply selecting a regulation category, government agencies can identify which sections of the regulation they are not in compliance with and take necessary correction action.

Cenzic has mapped government compliance requirements to vulnerabilities that are most common in Cloud, Mobile and Web applications. Scanning applications with Cenzic shows how well they meet the regulation requirements and, if problems are found, Cenzic provides detailed information on how to remediate discovered vulnerabilities.

Generate Compliance Reports

After scanning applications, data will be populated into a standardized, Cenzic's Cenzic Application Assessment Dashboard. This dashboard provides dynamic decision support information at your finger tips so you can start acting on the results immediately. From this dashboard, you can use the data in a variety of ways to generate reports with ease. See example reports below for both FISMA and NIST compliance results.

An example of a Cenzic-generated FISMA Compliance report summary.

FISMA Compliance Report

An example of a Cenzic-generated NIST Compliance report summary.

NIST Compliance Report

Application Assessment Dashboard

One of the biggest benefits of using Cenzic is our Web-enabled, drillable dashboard. This standardized platform provides a high-level view of your entire company risk profile. It enables you to automatically see:

  • How many Web applications you have
  • Which ones are most at risk
  • How productive each of my team members are
  • What's been tested and what needs fixing

As the screen shot below illustrates, Cenzic's Application Assessment Dashboard provides the entire organization with one standardized platform to manage its application security risk. See a summary of results including a prioritized listing of vulnerabilities bas on our quantitative risk scoring system (HARM) to show what needs fixing first.

Cenzic's Web-enabled, drillable dashboard

Reduce Security Risk:
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