Cenzic Solutions for Assessing Internal Security

Application Security to Identify Vulnerabilities

Internal security requirements and corporate best practices guidelines are a given in even the smallest of enterprises. In many cases workgroups or entire departments within the company have as their charter the construction of internal security compliance documents. But, how do you test your applications for compliance to such requirements?

Cenzic’s solutions for Cloud, Mobile and Web application security enable the codification of written internal security policies as electronic policies. Subsequently, the digitized form of the policy can be executed using Cenzic to test the application for compliance to the written requirements.

As an example, it is typical for an enterprise to have a written policy that states the minimum requirements for the username or password on web application accounts. Such a policy may require some of the following:

  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters long
  • Passwords must include no less than 1 numeric character
  • Passwords may not include special characters

Using Cenzic’s pre-crafted policies for generic internal security issue, it's easy to customize these policies to match specific internal security policy requirements. Now, Cenzic allows you to complete the loop—from internal security document authoring to compliance assessment on those very same requirements.

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