Cenzic Solutions for Adhering to Best Practices

Application Security to Identify Vulnerabilities

Companies within same industry sectors try to emulate each other's best practices in different areas. Security is no different. It's always challenging to find out the best practices in the area of security because information about security practices is not publicized for obvious reasons. Cenzic, while respecting and honoring the confidentiality of companies, enables all our customers to leverage from best practices of other customers.

Cenzic provides the network effect by spreading best practices from company to company through its SmartAttackĀ® library. When Cenzic discovers a unique vulnerability in one corporation, it writes a policy to discover that specific vulnerability across all applications of the corporation. Due to the nature of the web applications, especially within the same industry sector, most customers can leverage from these policies.

The Cenzic Intelligent Analysis (CIA) Research team is constantly studying the field of security vulnerabilities. In addition to industry best practices and top vulnerability lists, CIA has compiled a set of Cenzic Best Practices security vulnerability and compliance assessment policies. Cenzic's solutions for Cloud, Mobile and Web application security make it easy to run these policies. Simply point Cenzic at your application select Cenzic Best Practices assessment and run the job.

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