Cenzic Solutions for SB 1386 AND AB 1950 Compliance

Application Security to Meet Rigorous Regulatory Requirements

California SB 1386 became effective in on 1st July 2003, amending civil codes 1798.29, 1798.82 and 1798.84. It is a serious bill, with far reaching implications.

Essentially, it requires an agency, person or business that conducts business in California and owns or licenses computerized 'personal information’ to disclose any breach of security (to any resident whose unencrypted data is believed to have been disclosed).

The bill mandates various mechanisms and procedures with respect to many aspects of this scenario, subject also to other defined provisions.

With California Assembly Bill AB 1950, there are additional restrictions requiring companies to ensure that information for customers and employees are protected with strong controls in place.

In order for companies to protect this information, they need to ensure that there is security at various layers of their information systems infrastructure from desktop to applications.

While desktop and applications have been straightforward, companies have found securing applications challenging due to complexities involved. Developers are under pressure to deliver code on time and security is usually ignored. There are hundreds of applications that are supporting companies' web sites with a lot of confidential information about customers and employees with many security holes.

Cenzic’s application security solutions help financial institutions comply with SB 1386 AND AB 1950 data protection regulations, by allowing them to use automated processes to test for vulnerabilities in Cloud, Mobile and Web applications.  Cenzic assesses risk, checks for vulnerabilities as well as tests code and controls during software development for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of personal information.  

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