Cenzic Solutions for OWASP Compliance

Application Security to Identify the OWASP Top Ten Vulnerabilities

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an all-volunteer group that produces free, professional-quality, open-source documentation, tools, and standards. The Open Web Application Project has compiled a highly regarded list of the top-ten security vulnerability categories.

The OWASP Top Ten is a list of vulnerabilities that require immediate remediation. Existing code should be checked for these vulnerabilities immediately, as these flaws are being actively targeted by attackers. Development projects should address these vulnerabilities in their requirements documents and design, build, and test their applications to ensure that they have not been introduced.

Cenzic is committed to helping you adhere to important industry security standards. As such, Hailstorm® and its SmartAttack Library™ include complete coverage for all of the OWASP top-ten vulnerabilities—for both commercial and custom web applications. From ‘Unvalidated Input’ to ‘Insecure Configuration Management’ Cenzic;s solutions for Cloud, Mobile and Web application security allow you to assess your application per the OWASP list. Simply point Cenzic at your web application, select OWASP assessment level and run the job. Because vulnerabilities are constantly changing, and new vulnerabilities are being introduced almost on a daily basis, Cenzic, with its Cenzic Intelligent Analysis (CIA) lab, sends customers regular updates to its attack library (policies) so customers can stay ahead of new vulnerabilities and zero day attacks.

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