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Intro to Web Application Security & PCI Compliance

This four-hour introductory course on application security and PCI provides an overview of Web application security and PCI compliance (with emphasis on section 6.6). The class also covers common vulnerabilities exploited by hackers and some tools used to combat them.


  • Learn how to identify Website vulnerabilities
  • Comply with the latest PCI compliance regulations

Course Contents

  • Common Application Attacks
    • Parameter tampering
    • Cookie poisoning
    • Hidden field manipulation
    • Cross-Site Scripting
  • PCI Overview
    • PCI requirements
    • PCI section 6.6
  • Web application security concepts
  • Latest risks confronting Web apps
  • Limitations of SSL and Firewalls
  • Methods of probing a Web apps
  • Using Proxy Servers to Inspect HTTP(S) Traffic
  • Current security solutions

Target Audience

This course is recommended for security professionals in charge of application security and ensuring compliance.  This typically includes IT and Compliance Managers, Software Developers, QA Analysts and Information Security professionals.


Participants should have a basic knowledge of how Web applications work.

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