Cenzic Training

Application Security Classes and Product Training

Cenzic offers a wide variety of training classes to help customers get the maximum value and protection from Cenzic’s solutions as well as learn about secure coding and PCI compliance. We currently offer four training courses.

Cenzic Training courses provide up-to-date knowledge and the skills required to understand and deliver meaningful security measures. All Cenzic Training courses can be taught in a traditional classroom setting, via the Web, or self-paced through computer-based training.

  • Learn how to identify and fix application vulnerabilities
  • Understand the details of the latest PCI compliance regulations
  • Discover which coding errors make you vulnerable to attack
  • Understand hacker’s tools and techniques
  • Experience hands-on training using real-world applications
  • Learn how to make your code secure

About the Instructors

Cenzic Training courses are taught by seasoned application security professionals who are certified instructors with many years’ experience in developing applications for a variety of industries. Cenzic instructors are active contributors to various security organizations including OWASP and SANS, and leverage the insights from Cenzic’s security assessment of thousands of applications into their teaching practices.

Introduction to Web Application Security & PCI Compliance

This four-hour workshop outlines the basic concepts of Web application security and how to become PCI compliant.

Best Practices for Secure Coding

The two-day class teaches Web application developers and architects how to build applications with the most secure coding practices. The class uses real-world examples, walking through real code samples, using live, feature rich applications, to mitigate flaws with better coding practices.

Performing Vulnerability Assessments

This two-day intermediate course teaches students how to test for and remediate the most common Web application security weaknesses.

Product Training: Cenzic Enterprise and Cenzic Professional

These three and two-day classes will teach new Cenzic customers how to best leverage their software investment. The curriculum includes the latest security trends, attacks, and how to use the products’ features / functionalities.

Cenzic Training Courses

Application Security Classes and Product Training

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