Cenzic Security Assessment

Improve your Cloud, Mobile and Web application Security Posture

Cenzic Assessment Methodology Service is a three-day consulting package.  Cenzic’s security experts work with key people at your site to understand existing processes, conduct testing on an approved Cloud, Mobile or Web application, provide training, and develop a strategy to improve application security throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  

The Process

  1. Project Planning
    A Cenzic consultant conducts an in-depth phone interview to plan for the on-site visit and application testing.

  2. Review of Policies & Processes
    A Cenzic consultant works on-site to perform security analysis of your processes, procedures, and technology.

  3. Onsite Web Vulnerability Testing
    Using Cenzic’s vulnerability scanning technology and manual penetration test techniques, Cenzic performs a scan on one of your Cloud, Mobile or Web applications. Test categories include infrastructure tests, intrusive and non-intrusive tests, application logic and regulatory compliance.

  4. Presentation of Finding & Training
    Cenzic provides a comprehensive security report on policies, processes, technical findings and improvement recommendations.  Depending on your needs, Cenzic offers a Secure Code training class for Web developers.


  • Customized Security Assessment
    Cenzic’s personalized site visit is designed on a case-by-case basis to address your Cloud, Mobile and Web application security needs. And, Cenzic help you fill in the gaps for a seamless security policy.

  • Streamline Processes
    By assessing your current security and infrastructure, Cenzic will help you improve efficiency and cost savings.

  • Industry Expertise
    You will receive recommendations for security process improvements and best practices from Cenzic’s Cloud, Mobile and Web application security experts.

  • Risk Reduction
    Mitigate risk and liability by building security from within through more effective processes, education, and integrated technology.

Cenzic Training Courses

Based on survey of 600+ Security & IT Professionals


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