Cenzic Professional Services

Training & Services for Cloud, Mobile and Web Application Security

Cenzic offers services to help those responsible for Cloud, Mobile and Web application security to implement best practices and procedures to protect data from hacker attacks.


Cenzic offers a wide variety of training classes to help customers get the maximum value and protection from Cenzic's solutions as well as learn about secure coding and PCI compliance. We currently offer four training courses.

Security Assessment

Cenzic's professional consultants use a proprietary methodology to deliver detailed process improvement recommendations for application security assessments. Our professional services team works closely with Cenzic's product development and CIA Research teams to ensure that you get the maximum business value out of your Cenzic investment.

Cenzic QuickStart Consulting Packages

With the QuickStart package, for Hailstorm software, Cenzic's security experts install your software, provide formal classroom training, and conduct Cloud, Mobile and Web vulnerability assessments on your applications.

Cenzic Training Courses

Based on survey of 600+ Security & IT Professionals


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