Cenzic Services & Support

Cenzic provides world-class services and support to ensure successful usage of its application security solutions for Cloud, Mobile and Web. Cenzic's customers cite high service quality as a one of the Company's key attributes as it provides everything from technical support to training programs related to application security and compliance.

Technical Support

The Cenzic support team and their response time to your queries is a big differentiator in the security industry. Our customers appreciate the care we take to ensure they are more than satisfied with our products and services. In addition to support via phone and email, Cenzic also has a customer support portal to manage requests and quickly access product information.

Professional Services

Cenzic offers a host of services to help those responsible for application security get up and running with the best practices and procedures to protect data from hacker attacks. Professional Service programs include developing strategies to improve security throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and quickly getting Cenzic solutions installed and configured.


Cenzic offers a comprehensive training program to complement its technical support and professional services. These courses provide the up-to-date knowledge and skills required to understand and deliver meaningful security measures.

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