Cenzic Resources

Learn more about Cenzic application security solutions for detecting vulnerabilities in Cloud, Mobile and Web applications.

Cenzic Datasheets

Download Cenzic brochures and datasheets for information about the Company and Cenzic's Mobile, Cloud and Web products.

Application Security Risk Impact Calculator

Calculate your application security exposure and risks. Based on research from Cenzic and Ponemon Institute, the calculator helps your benchmark your security posture against organizations of similar size in your industry.

Application Security Papers

Download application security white papers, product reviews and eBooks from industry analysts, independent product reviewers and Cenzic.

Case Studies

Cenzic secures more than half a million online applications and trillions of dollars of commerce for Fortune 1000 companies, all major security companies, government agencies, universities and SMB companies. Because most of our customers prefer not to disclose their names publically due to security reasons, we only have a few of our customers represented here.


Webcasts about application security featuring industry experts.


Videos about application security featuring industry experts.


Interviews with security experts make up a series of podcasts called Application Security MythBusters. Each podcast interview lasts 6-8 minutes.

Glossary of Application Security Terms

Attack definitions and application security terms.

Evaluate Software

You can evaluate either Cenzic Enterprise or Cenzic Desktop for one week. Try Cenzic Enterprise or Cenzic Desktop to see for yourself how Cenzic helps brands of all sizes protect their reputation and manage security risk in the face of malicious attacks.

Request a Demo

Register for a custom product demonstration tailored to show you how Cenzic solutions can be used at your organization to protect Cloud, Mobile and Web applications from malicious attacks.

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