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Analyst Papers

Ponemon Report on the Cost of a Data Breach

Ponemon Report on the State of Web App Security

Aberdeen Report on Web Application Scanners

IDC White Paper on Application Security: No Room for False Positives

Independent Product Reviews

EMA Application Security Radar Report

Cenzic Technology White Papers

Application Security Trends Report
Featuring: Mobile Apps

Cenzic Hybrid Solution: Software + Managed Services

Helping Defend the Government Web Infrastructure

California Identity Theft Laws & Application Security: AB 1950, SB 1386, & Beyond

Continuous Testing: Testing Production Applications

Leveraging Managed Service Technology for Web Application Security

Stateful Assessment: A Higher Quality Method for Identifying and Verifying Web Application vulnerabilities

Web Application Security: The Truth Behind White Box VS Black Box Testing

Testing for Cross-Frame Scripting Attacks

Enabling Security in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Cenzic University

Cenzic Executive Briefs

Good Enough Security – Easy Steps to Get You Started

Top 10 Best Practices in Web Application Security

Why You Need to Test All Your Cloud, Mobile and Web Applications

Web Application Security – Compliance Regulations Lagging?

Cenzic eBooks

Web App Security for SMBs

Web App security Maturity: A CISO's Strategy Guide

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