Cenzic Managed Cloud

Trusted Managed Security Services for Web, Cloud and Mobile Application Security

Cenzic Managed Cloud is a fully managed security service where Cenzic security experts utilize the industry-leading security platform and proven methodologies to provide worry-free application security. With no new investment in hardware, software or dedicated security staff, you are now assured of quick, accurate and continuous application vulnerability assessments that protect your business and IT infrastructure against security breaches.

Whether you are a large enterprise and want to protect multiple critical applications and sensitive data, or a growing business with several online applications fueling your revenues, or must meet PCI DSS compliance, Cenzic Managed Services delivers a solution that has come to be trusted over a decade by leading Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Cenzic Managed Services continues to receive industry awards and recognition for its unique capabilities:

  • Leverages patented Cenzic Hailstorm™ behavior based scanning engine technology for unparalleled accuracy and consistency
  • Protects stand-alone or integrated web, cloud, and mobile applications
  • Provides extensible fully integrated options including enterprise software, cloud services and hybrid managed service offerings.

Sounds good? There’s more. Cenzic solutions easily integrate with leading Web Application Firewall (WAF)  products providing real-time monitoring, reporting and patching of application vulnerabilities in your production environment.

Proven Platform, Expert Service and Secure Applications

Cenzic Managed Cloud uniquely combines the Cenzic Hailstorm scanning platform with Cenzic Professional Services  to form the industry's leading application security managed service. Unlike some vendors who simply rely on custom-built scripts for each customer, Cenzic Hailstorm is a proven platform backed by over a decade of research and innovation.

Cenzic security experts leverage the Hailstorm platform and proven methodologies to manage the entire application security process and deliver rapid, scalable and always-accurate results.

Cenzic Managed Security Service Cycle

While you focus on managing IT operations and growing your business, Cenzic experts continuously monitor your applications, review and interpret scan results, and identify root causes of security issues and provide resolutions that secure all of your applications.

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