Cenzic Hybrid

Application Security Software + Services for Cloud, Web and Mobile

Cenzic Hybrid, powered by Hailstorm, is a combination of software and managed services for application security assessments.  It allows users to run their own Cloud and Web application vulnerability assessments using software (Cenzic Enterprise) as well as leverage Cenzic’s security experts using managed services (Cenzic Managed Cloud and/or Cenzic Mobile) to perform additional application vulnerability tests, including testing Mobile apps, when the need arises.

  • Augment internal teams with Cenzic’s scanning resources
  • Unified architecture enables effortless transfer of data between Cenzic products
  • Centralized management of application security risk for the entire enterprise with role-based visibility
  • Regulatory compliance assurance, including PCI 6.6
  • Continuous testing of all applications, including ones in production 

Integration with Complementary Technologies

Our Hybrid solution integrates with related technologies to help users more quickly block and correct Cloud and Web application vulnerabilities. Integration with WAF (web application firewall), SIEM (security information and event management), SDLC (software development lifecycle), GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance), QA tools and other technologies ensures that vulnerabilities can be identified and immediately addressed.

Continuous Application Testing

Due to the unceasing onslaught of hackers’ employing new methods to access valuable data organizations, application security must be an ongoing effort. Effective application security is not a one-time event, but a discipline of testing and re-testing – continuously throughout an application’s lifecycle. Continuous testing is the only way to protect applications from the hundreds of new threats that come out every month.

Cenzic Hailstorm performs continuous testing of Cloud, Mobile and Web applications by taking a virtual snapshot of the apps.

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