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Software Security Testing for Cloud and Web

Cenzic Desktop, powered by Hailstorm, is a single-user version of Cenzic Enterprise, a software security testing solution that assesses the security of Cloud and Web applications. Cenzic Desktop fully supports security risk management throughout the software development lifecycle. It is designed for the power user who wants to run security assessments on Cloud and Web applications from a single system.

With Cenzic Desktop, applications can be continuously assessed to reduce online security risk. Because Cenzic Desktop can be used in all parts of the software development lifecycle, and most importantly in production, applications are protected against new threats even after being deployed. After application vulnerabilities are identified, Cenzic Desktop provides risk mitigation recommendations to protect data and meet compliance requirements.

  • Continuous software security testing of all applications, including ones in production
  • Regulatory compliance assurance, including PCI 6.6
  • Unified architecture enables effortlessly transfer data between Cenzic products
  • Part of flexible product suite that offers  software, cloud and hybrid deployments
  • Enterprise-class solution available for individual users

Cenzic Desktop and Continuous Security Testing

Due to the unceasing onslaught of hackers’ employing new methods to access valuable data organizations, software security testing must be an ongoing effort. Effective software security testing is not a one-time event, but a discipline of testing and re-testing – continuously throughout an application’s lifecycle. Continuous testing is the only way to protect applications from the hundreds of new threats that come out every month.

Cenzic Hailstorm performs continuous testing of Cloud, Mobile and Web applications by taking a virtual snapshot of the apps.

Software Security Testing by Cenzic

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