Cenzic Cloud Testing Service Details

Cenzic Cloud provides Cloud and Web application security testing services at various levels, depending on your company’s needs. Some companies need to start slow and get a “base level” assessment of their risk (HealthCheck Service), while other organizations must adhere to PCI 6.6 and OWASP Top 10 regulations (Gold Service).

As the diagram below illustrates, the services provide an increasing and cumulative number of application tests that check for weaknesses that hackers exploit.

Stop Security Attacks with a Cenzic Cloud Subscription

When you purchase a Cenzic Cloud service, you get more than a one-time test of your Web and Cloud application. You get a service that keeps on looking for security attack vulnerabilities for your entire yearly subscription period.

Your subscription to Cenzic Cloud includes access to your personalized cloud account where you can:

  • Test your Web or Cloud application for vulnerabilities  
  • Get results from the Web or Cloud application security tests listing security attack vulnerabilities 
  • Re-test your Web or Cloud application to ensure the detected vulnerabilities have been fixed

Free Re-Tests included in Cloud Service

As a Cenzic Cloud customer, you get free re-tests for every website security service you purchase. By conducting these re-tests on your website, you ensure that the detected insecure code is fixed before a security attack compromises your application, data, company and brand.

Cenzic Testing Levels for Security Attacks

96% Of Online Apps Have Vulnerabilities.
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