How Cenzic Cloud Works

Web and Cloud Application Security Testing Made Easy

See how easy it is to protect your website from hackers.

Test Cloud or Web App

As a new Cenzic Cloud customer, you will receive a userid and password for your own Cloud account. Within the customer portal, just enter the URL of the desired Web or Cloud application you want scanned and Cenzic Cloud will automatically test it with the at the service level you purchased.

Get Results & Fix Flaws

Once the testing is completed, you will be notified that the security report is available in your portal account. Just click on the link to download the PDF report that contains a summary graph of the detected vulnerabilities, details about those defects and how to fix the flaws. See screen shots below for report details.


Web and Cloud application security is a never-ending job. It has to be a continuous process of testing, fixing, and re-testing to ensure a strong security posture. After you’ve fixed the detected flaws, you can retest the application to ensure the insecure code no longer exists. Your yearly payment includes 60 free re-tests for your application.

Results: What You Get Using Cenzic Cloud

The results from your testing will be included in a PDF report, which will include:

  • An assessment summary of your application’s security flaws and easy-to-read severity charts
  • A prioritized listing of your vulnerabilities
  • Findings on how your application meets with regulatory compliance standards, such as PCI 6.6 and OWASP Top 10 (if you purchased the Gold service)
  • Security flaw details and directions on how to fix them

Cenzic Cloud How it works

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