Cenzic Cloud

Security Risk Assessment for Cloud and Web

Cenzic Cloud allows users to perform a security risk assessment on their own Cloud and Web applications. Test for security risks against basic attacks and receive actionable results. Results are posted and always available from your private Cenzic Web portal – no security experts needed. It is the most cost effective, easy-to-use and robust security risk assessment solution available.

With Cenzic Cloud, applications can be continuously assessed to reduce online security risk. Because Cenzic Cloud can be used in all parts of the software development lifecycle, and most importantly in production, applications are protected against new threats even after being deployed. After application vulnerabilities are identified, Cenzic Enterprise provides risk mitigation recommendations to protect data and meet compliance requirements.

Why Cenzic Cloud for Security Risk Assessment

  • Fast, cost-effective way to protect Cloud and Web apps from hackers
  • Free app re-scanning to confirm all vulnerabilities are fixed
  • Continuous testing process to keep ahead of the “hacker curve”
  • Minimal false positive reports – under 1%
  • Compliance assistance, including for PCI 6.6 and OWASP Top 10

Cenzic Cloud Services


Use this service to take initial steps towards a stronger security posture.


Check for basic vulnerabilities most often exploited by hackers.


Find the most common defects that lead to a data breach and brand damage.


Used for compliancy (e.g., PCI 6.6 and the OWASP Top 10) – combine tests from bronze and silver.


If you’d like to purchase one of these Cloud or Web application security testing services, please refer to our partner sites.

Microsoft Azure


96% Of Online Apps Have Vulnerabilities.
Do Yours?

Learn about the current risks. Read the Cenzic Application Vulnerability Trends Report.

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