Cenzic Partners

Working Together to Secure Cloud, Mobile and Web Applications

Cenzic is dedicated to developing and delivering application security solutions that enable security experts, QA professionals, and developers to continuously assess Cloud, Mobile and Web vulnerabilities. To do this, Cenzic collaborates with best-in-class partners.

Cloud Alliance Partners

Cloud partners are companies that use our ClickToSecure Cloud service that enables their end users to select different types of website testing options to detect vulnerabilities – from a standard "HealthCheck" to one that provides PCI 6.6 assurance. The offering is a fast, cost-effective way to improve website security posture without having to become a security expert.


Cenzic has a world-wide network of partners who resell our software and cloud products for Web application security. Our reseller partners play a key role in the successful deployment of the Cenzic software and Cloud solutions throughout North America and the rest of the world.

Solution Providers

Security services companies that offer Cenzic as an application security solution are defined as service provider partners. For organizations that currently offer services in the enterprise security space or application security development space, Cenzic offers flexible programs that deliver our software and Cloud products for customer engagements or use in internal labs.

Technology Alliance Partners

Cenzic integrates with third-party software companies to provide a "best-in-class solution" for our customers. Integration with related technology (Web Application Firewalls and QA tools) keeps Cenzic focused on improving our own technology (dynamic, black box testing/scanning of Web applications).

We also partner with other complementing companies in order for both organizations to refer their customers to each other's technology.

More Information

To find out more about becoming a Cenzic Partner, please send an email to partners@cenzic.com or call +1 866-4-CENZIC (866-423-6942).

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