2013 Press Releases

Cenzic and Symantec Partner to Enable Customers to Prioritize Web Application Vulnerabilities in the Context of Overall Security

Integration Enables Joint Customers to Map Web Application Vulnerabilities to Common Controls, Known Assets and Established Business Systems for Quick Remediation

RSA 2013, San Francisco, Calif.,— February 26, 2013— Cenzic Inc., the leading provider of web application security intelligence to reduce security risks, today announced a partnership with Symantec to integrate Cenzic Enterprise on Hailstorm Platform with Symantec’s Control Compliance Suite version 11. The solution will combine web application vulnerability data with security and risk data on the business systems and processes that support the web applications, providing a more comprehensive view of an organization’s overall security posture and enabling remediation prioritization based on business risk impact.

Point solutions that address a specific vulnerability continue to dominate the security industry. However, organizations that lack the ability to tie security information from multiple sources end up with a massive list of security problems too large to be prioritized and too unruly to be actionable. As a result, organizations are unable to analyze that data to understand the impact of web applications on the company’s overall security posture. The out-of-the box integration between Cenzic and Symantec will enable customers to transfer the application risk data gathered by Cenzic into their security and risk posture information in Symantec Control Compliance Suite--allowing customers to map the web application vulnerabilities directly to common controls, known assets and established business systems. A single report can demonstrate web application risk by compliance objective (Peripheral Component Interconnect), by asset type (web storefront), by business process (online banking), or even by corporate policy initiative. In addition, Cenzic Enterprise on Hailstorm and Symantec Control Compliance Suite integrate easily with a pre-packaged installation and data mappings, eliminating the need for professional services.

“Our partnership with Cenzic highlights the importance of organizations having a clear view of their risk in today’s threat landscape,” said Kurt Van Etten, Director of Product Management, Symantec Corp. “With the Cenzic Enterprise on Hailstorm Platform integration to Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11, our mutual customers will have the ability to gain greater control of vulnerabilities threatening their data, with the tools needed to remediate risk as it pertains to web applications.”

“Symantec and Cenzic recognize the importance of enabling organizations to incorporate more security data intelligence into their risk and remediation plans so that they can prioritize the most critical business processes,” said Bala Venkat, chief marketing officer, Cenzic.

“Our goal is to help customers address the most critical problems first and actively work to eliminate the vulnerabilities enabling a positive security posture for their business.”

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Cenzic provides the leading application security intelligence platform to continuously assess Cloud, Mobile and Web applications to reduce online security risk. Cenzic’s solutions scale from single applications to enterprise-level deployments with hybrid approaches that enable testing of applications at optimal levels. Cenzic helps brands of all sizes protect their reputation and manage security risk in the face of malicious attacks. Cenzic's solutions are used in all parts of the software development lifecycle, and most importantly in production, to protect against new threats even after the application has been deployed. Cenzic's application security intelligence platform is architected to handle web, cloud and mobile applications and is the first to provide risk reduction recommendations for business, application developers and specific applications. Today, Cenzic secures more than half a million online applications and trillions of dollars of commerce for Fortune 1000 companies, all major security companies, government agencies, universities and SMBs. More information about Cenzic can be found at www.cenzic.com.

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