2012 Press Releases

Cenzic and F5 Networks Partner to Offer Complete Web Application Protection

Integration Allows Users to Identify Vulnerabilities and Directly Configure Policies to Implement a “Virtual Patch” with One Click

Campbell, Calif. – July 10, 2012Cenzic Inc., the leading provider of web application security intelligence to reduce security risks, today announced it has partnered with F5 Networks to create a unique integrated application vulnerability detection and blocking solution using the Cenzic Cloud in the F5® BIG-IP® Application Security Manager™ (ASM).

The new joint solution ensures that vulnerabilities can be identified and immediately addressed through an F5 BIG-IP ASM policy. BIG-IP ASM integrates with Cenzic software and cloud-based solutions to automate policy configuration and provide the ability to patch vulnerabilities with a single click. Vulnerability scans can be initiated directly from the ASM GUI, including display of the results and conversion of the detected vulnerabilities to ASM rules.

Web applications are the single greatest target for attackers. Cenzic’s application vulnerability scanning goes beyond signature detection to a behavioral model, identifying weaknesses by emulating attacker activity. By combining application scanning with BIG-IP ASM, organizations can achieve dynamic security in full compliance with a broad range of compliance and regulatory standards, including payment card industry (PCI) standards.

As part of the combined solution, customers and partners can take advantage of an exclusive offer from Cenzic, which includes three free scans of their website. These scans ensure they are protected and compliant without interruption to their business. Setting up a new Cenzic Cloud account can be done quickly and easily from the ASM GUI.

“This solution collectively offers more than the sum of these two mature and highly useful components,” said John Weinschenk, president and CEO of Cenzic. “Users are now able to efficiently and quickly improve security for a large number of web sites while getting the most out of existing F5 BIG-IP devices and reducing ASM management costs.”

“F5 is pleased Cenzic has joined our Technology Alliance Program and has partnered with us on our ‘Free Scans’ program offering a unique one click solution via deep API integration,” said Calvin Rowland, VP of Technology and ISV Alliances at F5 Networks. “Continuous vulnerability assessments, combined with our award-winning web application firewall, BIG-IP Application Security Manager, go a long way to delivering a complete web application security solution. By creating dynamic threat management solutions with technology leaders in the DAST market, F5 helps enterprises extend the value of their BIG-IP environments. Our joint customers can be assured of interoperability and a more operationalized approach to security when deploying Cenzic and F5 solutions in concert.”

Key Benefits:

  • Greater application security - Find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
  • Faster implementation for new applications - Push new applications to production on schedule when you can address QA issues with a BIG-IP ASM policy, rather than adding development cycles.
  • Reduce risk management costs - Increase the efficiency of security management, spending less time on damage control and more time on analysis and prevention. 

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Cenzic provides the leading application security intelligence platform to continuously assess Cloud, Mobile and Web applications to reduce online security risk. Cenzic’s solutions scale from single applications to enterprise-level deployments with hybrid approaches that enable testing of applications at optimal levels. Cenzic helps brands of all sizes protect their reputation and manage security risk in the face of malicious attacks. Cenzic's solutions are used in all parts of the software development lifecycle, and most importantly in production, to protect against new threats even after the application has been deployed. Cenzic's application security intelligence platform is architected to handle web, cloud and mobile applications and is the first to provide risk reduction recommendations for business, application developers and specific applications. Today, Cenzic secures more than half a million online applications and trillions of dollars of commerce for Fortune 1000 companies, all major security companies, government agencies, universities and SMB companies.

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