Giving Back to the Community

Cenzic creates No Website Left Behind™ Program

Cenzic wants to give back to the community. To do this, we created an initiative called “No Website Left Behind” that helps both universities and non-profit organizations secure their websites against hacker attacks.

No Website Left Behind: Cenzic University Program

Cenzic believes there is a compelling need for developers of the future to learn how to build secure code. The University Program provides this opportunity by giving free software (Cenzic Hailstorm Professional) to university students so they can learn how to create software programs with security in mind. The program’s goal is to bring awareness to the computer science community and strengthen their overall security training curriculum.

Join other prestigious Universities, such as Stanford and Rochester Institute of Technology, which use Cenzic Hailstorm Professional in their computer science curriculum and reaping the benefits. Through these partnerships, Cenzic is hoping to arm the future generation of developers with powerful skills to build security into applications and to thwart cyber attacks proactively.

No Website Left Behind: Cenzic Charitable Organization Program

Charitable organizations depend on websites to collect donations. And securing these websites is of paramount importance, as one hack can denture donors from entering their credit card information. Since Charitable Organizations have limited resources and funding, Cenzic created this program to help worthy causes.

As a non-profit who qualifies for this Charitable Organization Program, you receive:

  • One free website test conducted by Cenzic’s security experts using our Cenzic ClickToSecure Managed offering
  • Web-enabled access to your website test findings for up to a year
  • Remediation information and advice on how to fix the detected flaws
  • Fee re-testing of your website to ensure the flaws have been fixed

By improving your website security posture, you’ll maintain the confidence of your donors as well as ensure a high ranking as a top Charitable Organization.

Through this program, Cenzic hopes to help the community by protecting private information on the web.

Cenzic University Program

Part of the No Website
Left Behind Inititive

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