Internet Security and Enterprise Security Associations

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Cenzic is actively involved in leading Internet security associations focused on technology and applications security. We strongly believe in working with other industry and customer groups to find the right set of issues that will help our customers address their application security issues.

We are currently members of the following associations and are continuously adding to this list as we expand our network.


Commonly Accepted Security Practices and Recommendations (CASPR) provides an open source of information on Internet security and web security issues.

Computer Security Institute

Computer Security Institute is dedicated to serving and training the information, network and Internet security professional.

Information Technology Association of America

The organization fosters an environment that is conducive to the health, prosperity and competitive nature of the information technology industry.


IEEE is a non-profit, technical professional association and the leading authority in technical areas such as application security, enterprise security, and regulatory compliance.

Institute for Security and Open Methodologies

The organization is a non-profit, international, research initiative dedicated to defining standards in security testing and enterprise security.

Internet Engineering Task Force

Internet Engineering Task Force is an Internet standards forum that is concerned with Internet security and web security.


ISACA is a global organization for information governance, control, security and audit professionals.


ISSA promotes management practices that ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources. ISSA facilitates interaction and education to create a more successful environment for Internet security systems.

Security Focus

Security Focus is a vendor-neutral site for network and Internet security information.

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